Setup User Avatar for Drupal 7 website

By Arun AK, 21 May, 2017

When a user register or edit own account details he can upload an image or photo of themselves, also known as an avatar. In drupal you can configure it in an easy manner with the help of contributed module.

Step1 : Download and install Avatar Selection module.

Step2 : Go to /admin/config/people/avatar_selection
Here you can configure avatar display settings. You can specify avatar display style using imagecache presets.

Step3 : Go to /admin/config/people/avatar_selection/upload
Upload your avatar images in this page. You can upload images one by one or in a bulk manner. At top of the page there is an option ‘Bulk Upload / Delete’. To upload a large number of avatars, first copy the images manually to the public://avatar_selection folder, using ftp for example. To make these new avatar images available, check the 'Scan for new avatars' option. All new images will then be added to the list. By removing files from this directory and checking the box, you can also perform a bulk delete.

Step4 : Manage Avatars (admin/config/people/avatar_selection/edit)
Here you can edit or delete uploaded avatars. You can edit name, role permission and weight of avatar here.

Step5 : Setup Permission to access avatar

Finally you have to setup permission for users to access the uploaded avatars.